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Huevember Day 15 by juliahiddles
Huevember Day 15
I'm not even sure if this counts as staying in the hue... but what I did was simply coloring with regular colors and then using a multoply layer with the hue of the day. The background was also made from a lighter version of the hue. 
Anyway, hope you enjoy!
Huevember Day 14 by juliahiddles
Huevember Day 14
I actually started thin on the 14th...then the weekend happened.
AND NOW I'M FOUR DAYS AND DRAWINGS LATE!!!! I really need to get to work.
Experimented with multiply layers, night setting and contrast lightning.

I'm really afraid of monsters under my bed...
Huevember Day 13 by juliahiddles
Huevember Day 13
Once again, barely finished the drawing on time...
My imagination really got stuck with so many purples, so I decided to go back to simply changing the contrast and levels of the main hue and color as if it was black and white. The character was also tricky, so I settled for my oldest and most dear OC: Robin.
I've realized lately how much she is like Korra (from The Legend of Korra). Although the character design of Korra really inspired me to start drawing Robin as a more muscular and not perfectly thin girl (also got the idea for the turtle neck), I had never really seen The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender until three or four months ago. I always imagined Robin going into some kinf of powerful state/final form/trance where she could use her magical powers at full intensity. Now I realize how much I made it like the Avatar State without even knowing it existed.... at least I didn't make her powers element based. 
Anyway, because of those similarities between Korra's and Robin personality, I decided to draw my good old OC in her own version of the Avatar State, glowing eyes and all. AND THE LIGHTNING WAS SO FUN TO MAKE!
Huevember Day 12 by juliahiddles
Huevember Day 12
I really wanted to post double today (well, technically is tomorrow, but...), and this thing's been sitting around since yesterday. But my sister's highschool homework got in the way, and I could not use my computer after class. But tomorrow, TOMORROW WILL BE THE DAY!!!
...Ahem, anyway, Im really running out of ideas with the purple/pink hues, but here you go: some kind of purple skinned, green blooded alien about to fuck some shit up (honestly I have no ida what she's doing, I just felt like drawing a fighting pose).
Huevember Day 11 by juliahiddles
Huevember Day 11
I'm not sure if you can tell, but she supposed to be in some kind of very pink water (I have no idea what I'm doing).
Didn't feel to inspired today, but I pushed through as hard as I could and this was the result. I'm actually pretty happy with it, although I'm really tired of so many purples and pinks... I can't wait for the blue hues to begin!!!!
I WILL be opening a new DA account (which name will be revealed later) as well as a Tumblr and Website. All three are almost ready for launch (I think), but before doing anything of that, I realized that I made you a promise a while ago about uploading a comic about Robin Hood's daughter. Now, I started this comic almost six months ago, so trust me when I say just looking at it makes my body hurt, but since I said I was gonig to do it, then I shall!
Another reason I will upload this last thing to this account, is because this will be only the first chapter of something I hope to keep doing for a while. I've already started doing the first couple of pages of the first chapter, and for a while considered uploading the whole comic on the new account, but the whole point of me leaving this one is to start again, and beginning with old art in to other account is probably not the best way to start.
Anyway, I'll be uploading as much of this new comic in the next couple of days (please forgive the quality), and explaining to you how each page was done, since not all the sketches, lines and colors were made in the same period of time, some lines were made months after the sketches, but remained close to the original drawings. The markers I used to color also changed at some point, but were used on old lines at first... You'll get it eventually.
So, starting today, the last uploading spree begins!!! And then, off we go!
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